Analysis of the development of the global paint and coatings market in 2014

In January 2015,the World Paint and Coatings Industry Association (WPCIA) released the 2014Annual Report of the World's Top Ten Paint and Coatings Companies. The reportsaid that due to the huge demand of the construction industry, the global paintand coatings market is still growing. In 2014, global paint and coatingsincreased by 3.9%, with sales reaching 43.38 million tons, with total sales of85 billion pounds, or approximately 132.3 billion dollars. Among the coatingsales in 2014, the sales volume of architectural coatings was 21.69 milliontons, accounting for 50% of the total sales volume of the industry. The annualsales amounted to US $ 63.504 billion, accounting for 48% of the total salesvolume. The sales volume of industrial coatings was 12,580,200 tons. Accountingfor 29% of the industry's total sales, annual sales of 33.075 billion dollars,accounting for 25% of total sales. In 2014, a total of 14 companies sold morethan 1 billion in coatings, and three companies had sales of more than 10billion.