China has become the world's largest producerand consumer of epoxy resin

The development ofepoxy resin production is rapid. As epoxy resin is widely used in chemical,light industry, water conservancy, transportation, machinery, electronics, homeappliances, automotive and aerospace industries, China has become the world'slargest epoxy resin producer and consumer country. According to statistics, theglobal epoxy resin output reached 2.3 million tons in 2013, and it is expectedthat the global epoxy resin output will reach 2.5 million tons in 2015. Fromthe perspective of the domestic market, China's epoxy resin consumption hasreached more than 40% of global consumption. In the next few years, thecompound annual growth rate of China's epoxy resin demand will reach 10%, andthe demand in 2015 will reach 1.3 million tons, accounting for more than 50% ofthe global epoxy resin consumption market.